About Me

Who Am I?

I am Jason Hardin, a Product Manager during the weekdays. I used to be a programmer, but now I dabble in writing scripts that improve my life. I have been role-playing and a dungeon master for over 20 years. I have run games in Dungeons and Dragons, World of Darkness, 7th Sea, and Shadowrun.

What do I make?

I create battle maps for Virtual Table Tops and some products for the Dungeon Master’s Guild. I currently use FoundryVTT in my games but also have experience with Fantasy Grounds.

The blog is here to house my projects for 3D printing, role-playing, battle maps, video games, scripting, woodworking, and cooking. I also like to post notes here about things I learned during my programming experiences at work or with personal projects.

My Opinion

This site is my personal blog and represents only my opinions and hobbies, not those of my employer.

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