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Apex Legends

I started playing Apex Legends last week with some friends midway into Season 7. I have enjoyed the game as a break from Fortnite. I like that it is cross-platform. I don’t particularly appreciate playing FPSs on PS4, obviously preferring a keyboard and mouse. I do wish that they were like Fortnite and had cross-platform progress. I lost a lot of twitch prime bonuses to my PS4 account because I logged in there first. I am still horrible at it, but it is worth a playthrough as a free-to-play game. I do like the multiple classes compared to the static characters in Fortnite.

I made a Logitech G13 profile for it because one didn’t exist. Although I get the main ability mixed up with using a medical or shield booster, the profile works well. I have a jump and melee on my mouse. Below is a screenshot of the keyboard layout I created.

Apex Legends Logitech G13 profile layout
Apex Legends Logitech G13 profile layout
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