Waterdeep Fantasy Grounds Module Release Notes



Waterdeep Fantasy Grounds Module


Below are the release notes for each release for the Waterdeep Fantasy Grounds Module.


  • Separated the Waterdeep.mod and DD Waterdeep Dragon Heist.xml into Classic and Unity

  • Added walls to all Battle map in the Waterdeep.mod for Unity
  • Updated readme file


  • Updated the pick pocket tables to have data in them.


  • Created a new version of the DD Waterdeep Dragon Heist.xml for Unity
  • Renamed the DD Waterdeep Dragon Heist.xml categories to match the new category names.


  • Added a smaller version of the campaign map that is 50% of the file size to make it easier to send to players. These are found in the Waterdeep: City Maps image group.
  • Added 8 new campaign maps that break the campaign map up into each ward in Waterdeep. These are also smaller files and should be quicker to send and render for your players. These are found in the Waterdeep: City Maps image group.


  • Added Dragon’s Head tavern battle map for all three floors
  • Added high end shop battlemap
  • Added outer fort Battle map for three floors
  • Linked all of the appropriate story pages to the Battle map
  • Added a zip of the noble family crests to be used for external materials


  • Added 11 more fences
  • Added new category of npcs Waterdeep NPCs: Fence Contacts
  • Added 6 fence contacts
  • Added all fences and fence contacts to the buildings the are usually located in. All should be interlinked
  • Added a pin for each fence and fence contact on the Waterdeep Locations: Fences map
  • Finished all of the Family crests
  • Releases should become more accurate. I wrote a release script which modifies all files that need to be modified and creates the DMs Guild zip file.


  • Fixed the pins in the DD Waterdeep Heist Player Maps


  • Fix several family crests that had improper sizing and backgrounds
  • Fixed the DD Waterdeep Dragon Heist.xml to add @Waterdeep to the correct recordname xml tags.


  • Added all pins to the Waterdeep Dragon Heist player maps (ex. Waterdeep-E-Players) as well as the DM maps.


  • Added All locations map with all Waterdeep locations in one map.
  • Noble Family Crests Added: Zun, Zulpair, Wavesilver, Moonstar, Melshimber, Majarra, Konthont
  • Added links between Noble Villas and the family story page and notable npcs entries.
  • Added a few street scene tables to randomly generate street scenes if needed. Based off the add city system book.
  • New Battlemap for a small fighting pit under one of the taverns in Waterdeep, or connected tot he sewers.
  • Updated setup instructions for Dragon heist pins to be more specific and fix a mixed up yes and no.
  • Rotated images to keep building horizontal in all maps to reduce scrolling.
  • Resized all Battle map to be 100 dpi instead of some being 100 and others being 200.


  • Added the setup instructions for waterdeep dragon heist pins
  • Fixed the family crests to have a white background
  • Added coming soon to family crests not present yet
  • Fixed test issues in the reference manual for incorrect html characters.


  • Initial Release


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