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battle born

I started playing Battleborn during the open beta. I enjoyed the game, but it got boring since there was only one level. I grabbed it recently from Amazon when it was on sale for $11. I enjoyed playing it again. I like that they added a story mode and that there are more levels for multiplayer. I am looking forward to playing the story mode with a friend, but the matchmaking is good.

I didn’t check if the game had a Logitech G13. After all, at this point, I just made my own because I have yet to like one default profile for a game. The game is a typical FPS, but it has a few things, like upgrades that need extra buttons. Plus, you have multiple melee attacks. I put the second melee on my mouse. Below is a screenshot of the keyboard layout.

Battle Born Logitech G13 keyboard layout
Battleborn Logitech G13 keyboard layout
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