Logitech g13

Smite Logitech G13 Profile




I started playing Smite after grabbing a Loki god pack off a Humble Bundle sale. I have been enjoying it so much that I picked up the Ultimate God pack off Steam when it was 50% off. Of course, it doesn’t have a default profile for the Logitech G13, so I created one.

I like the layout and have played about 15 games with it so far. I am not a heavy consumable or relic player, so there might be better or more useful placements for those buttons. I could also see changing the 4 ability keys if you use a specific god and have a sequence you use. I put consumable 1 on my second mouse key along with the jump. I really don’t know that jump is at all useful in that game, so I would consider putting consumable 2 or both the relic keys on my mouse.

Below is a screenshot of the keyboard layout.

Smite Logitech G13 keyboard layout
Smite Logitech G13 keyboard layout
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