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Pay Day 2

I have been playing Pay Day 2 for a while but forgot to put up the profile because it has been a busy year. I recently worked to get the Steam cards to get the badge for the game, which reminded me I needed to put the Pay Day 2 Logitech G13 profile up. I really like this game compared to the original.

The addition of the crime net and the DLCs keeps making the game interesting. I created a Logitech G13 profile because there wasn’t a default one. The keyboard is pretty barren because there aren’t a lot of keys in this game, which is a good thing. The mouse is my typical FPS layout with the melee and jump action on my extra 2 mouse buttons. Below is the keyboard layout image so you can see how I have set it up before you download the profile.

Payday 2 Logitech G13 keyboard layout
Payday 2 Logitech G13 keyboard layout
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