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The Bureau Xcom Declassified Logitech G13 Profile



the bureau xcom declassified

I bought the Humble Bundle for the next two weeks, and one of the games that came with it is The Bureau Xcom Declassified. I made an Xcom Declassified Logitech G13 profile for it because I don€™t like playing anything that is a shooting game with a gamepad. The game€™s controls included the ability to give orders to party members. I put all the crew orders on the joystick, but so far, I haven€™t used them. Below is a screenshot of the keyboard layout. I attached the go-to and followed orders to my mouse€™s 4th and 5th buttons, respectively.

the bureau xcom logitech g13 keyboard layout
The Bureau Xcom Logitech G13 keyboard layout
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