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Batman Arkham Asylum

I started playing Batman Arkham Asylum again because I got Arkham city as part of a Humble Bundle. I figured I needed to finish the first before playing the second. Because of this, I made a profile to use my Batman Arkham Asylum Logitech G13. I tried to use my Logitech gaming pad, which would be a pain in the butt because the game is set up for an XBOX 360 controller. Someday I might switch to one of those.

The profile is very simple. There aren€™t a lot of buttons in Batman. Below is a screenshot of the keyboard layout. I put grapple on my mouse’s 5th button. You might have to modify the profile to point to your installation of batman because I installed it on my D drive for Steam and not the C drive because my C drive is an SSD that is pretty loaded up.

Batman Arkham Asylum Logitech G13 keyboard layout
Batman Arkham Asylum Logitech G13 keyboard layout