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Confrontation Logitech G13 Profile




I picked up Confrontation during a Humble Bundle sale and just recently played it. There isn€™t a lot here that is needed from a keyboard perspective. It is mostly a mouse-based game. I still created a Confrontation Logitech G13 profile for the game. I set up the keyboard to focus on each user’s abilities and then save and have quick access to bandaids. I would probably consider redoing the joystick as the unit selection keys instead of the camera. So far, I have found that I am manipulating the camera via the mouse, not the joystick. Because you can pause this game, I am not sure that character selection matters that much unless you are really going for speed. Below is an image of the keyboard layout.

Confrontation Logitech G13 keyboard layout
Confrontation Logitech G13 keyboard layout