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Mass Effect

I finally got back into playing Mass Effect after a year-long break. I looked at the default Mass Effect profile, and I wasn€™t happy. I created my own custom Mass Effect Logitech G13 profile for the game. It was the typical cluttered mess that made about as much sense as a monkey throwing darts at a wall. I updated the keys to use the keystroke instead of multi-key. I rearranged to keys to better suit my needs.

I went with my typical layout and put the orders on the joystick. The gun buttons are in an odd place, usually, I don€™t access those keys much, and I planned to just use the mouse wheel to switch weapons. I wasn€™t sure what to do with the quick key buttons and in the end, I left them out of the profile. Below is a screenshot of my keyboard layout.

Mass Effect Logitech G13 keyboard layout
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