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I was reading a book about user experience design for work, and one of the chapters was on convention. It said that user interfaces should have a standard layout or interface if they are something a user uses often. It stuck in my head that I had been making a lot of profiles without a template to start from. I also realized that my interface with the Logitech G13 is pretty common across game types. I bind the map to G14, forward it to G4, and so on. I decided to update my default Logitech G13 profile (that I never actually use) to meet the following needs:

  1. Contain all of the standard keys with the most likely name so that I can clone the default profile to new games
  2. Assign my common keys to my standard locations so that I can edit their values for new games but keep the interface and expected action the same

Below is a screen shot of my default keyboard layout. I place jump and melee attack on my 2 extra mouse keys like always. This layout works for almost all FPS€™s and for the majority of MMO€™s to with just slight variations. Over the coming weeks I will probably be updating some of my older profiles to match this as a standard interface for my layouts.

Default Logitech G13 keyboard layout
Default Logitech G13 keyboard layout
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