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The Secret World Logitech G13 Profile



the secret world

I received access to The Secret World this week as part of their try out the game offer. As with every other MMORPG my first step was to make a Secret World Logitech G13 profile that worked for me. I put together 2 profiles for The Secret World, The Secret World Logitech G13 Profile for DX11 and The Secret World Logitech G13 Profile, because the executable is different for the game based on your graphics settings. You can see a screenshot of the keyboard layout below.

the secret world logitech g13 keyboard layout

The strafe left, and right buttons were more useful in this game than turning left and right. I also put the shift on my mouse button to access the extra keys. For this layout, I moved the interact key out to G8 because you used it infrequently, and you needed quicker access to the action slots.